Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cheap to chic

We are seeing a huge trend in store for revamping tired garments. Be it something you've had for ages and never really liked, or a new $3 tshirt from Kmart that needs a bit of jazzing up, there's a trim to suit every project.
A great example of how easily you can turn something from cheap to chic is this singlet top

It was $3 from Kmart and I added a $5 motif, it's now my new favorite weekend top, wear with jeans and a floaty kaftan jacket and a pair of leather sandals.....perfect!

Another great example is this little girls dress, $15 from big W, add less than $10 worth of trim and take it from cheap to chic.

You can check out our Facebook page for more great cheap to chic transformations. Be sure to ask our friendly creative staff in store for help with your next transformation.
Happy sewing.

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