Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Winter Coats.... a little obsessed,

We have the largest range of beautiful quality wool and cashmere coating we have ever had this winter. 
A beautiful coat is expensive to buy, but we all need one, well, several actually.
I try to add one to my collection each winter. If you buy or make a good quality one in a timeless style it should last a good ten years, that's a good investment in my book.

There's black, navy, camel, grey, charcoal, mocha and textured Chanel style coating to choose from.
Shop here

I'm loving burda style at the moment. Their patterns and styling is so on trend, it's been a while since a pattern company has got it so right in my opinion. 
I've got several of their coat patterns on my wish list for this winter.

I love this simple open collar less coat. It could be made up in a coating fabric or a brocade for evening.
You can buy it here

I'm going to add a Caramel coat to my wardrobe this winter, how about you?

Happy sewing, Julia x

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